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Cryogenic Grinding of Rubber | Hosokawa Polymer Systems

Shredders, granulators and grinding systems for all plastics processing waste from injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and all other types of forming. Machines with integrated sound insulation, special granulators for sheets, pipes and profiles with horizontal feed.

Shredding/Grinding Systems - Endura-Veyor Inc.

Recycling Systems ITS - Shredding & Grinding Solutions ITS is a flexible and dynamic Italian owned and operated company specialized in the design and manufacture of shredders, waste crushers, granulators and other machinery for the size or volume reduction.

M-Ovas Grinding System - NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

Film & Fiber. The FF Series of film and fiber shredders from Vecoplan, the worlds leading manufacturer of film shredding equipment, is the only equipment able to provide Vecoplan's patented SureCut™ Cutting System.This revolutionary design eliminates the problems encountered with conventional film grinders, fiber grinders, and other types of film recycling equipment including other ...

Soyu Shredding Systems | Industrial Shredding Systems

Shredding or grinding equipment may need to include dust containment and removal systems to protect employees and/or operations. This becomes particularly important for equipment that will be operated indoors and in crowded locations.

Shredders, Grinders and Shredder Systems for Recycling

Shredder Feeder & Discharge Conveyors with Magnetic Separation for Purified Recycling, Shredding & Grinding. We have the expertise to provide you with all the conveyor, metal detection, and magnetic separation equipment to layout your shredding system. Whether you are re-grinding in-house scrap product or designing a complete recycling facility, we have feeder conveyors and discharge …

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Shredding Systems. Packaging. Metal Separation & Screeening. Railcar Unloading. Plastics Education. Our Locations. Grinding Systems. test. got pipe. Tests. GRINDING SYSTEMS. Our facilities have the ability to grind a variety of materials and remove fines and separate metal from our finished materials. We do this by using a system of grinders ...

ISVE Recycling - Shredding Grinding Granulating Systems

Click here to learn more about tire shredding and grinding. Browse ECO Green Equipment website for more tire recycling machinery information.

ITS - Shredding & Grinding Solutions Profile

Hosokawa Polymer Systems is a leading manufacturer of granulators, dedusting systems and separation systems, film/fiber recovery systems and other general plastic recycling equipment. With over 50 years of history and thousands of granulators and systems delivered, our experience and quality are second to none.

Plastic Shredder Systems

SSI Shredding Systems designs & manufactures 1, 2, 3 and 4-shaft industrial shredders & systems, primary reducers and transfer station compactors. For over 35 years we have manufactured thousands of systems, from the simple to the unique. We are a group of highly dedicated and talented engineers, designers, and technicians.

ITS - Shredding & Grinding Solutions

Grinding & Shredding 101. At Cresswood, single shaft, low rpm, high torque wood grinders, paper shredders, and plastic shredders are our business. Single shaft, low RPM, high torque grinders/shredders are most successful in the 200-20,000 pound per hour volume range. We make two styles of machines at Cresswood: hopper-fed and horizontal-fed.

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Are you looking for shredding and grinding systems? We are Italian manufacturers with years of experience in recycling machine production. Visit our website!

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otr recycling systems All over the world there are mining sites have large tires stacked up, just waiting for companies to offer a viable business model to remove them. There is a US company that offers OTR tire debeading machinery, and SSI has developed a machine that can accept preconditioned OTRs and reduce them to 4-6" (mm) nominal ...

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Grinding & Shredding 101; Case Studies; News; Contact; Industrial Grinders & Shredders - pallets, plastic, wood, paper. Dun-Rite Tool and Machine was incorporated by Ronald Cress in 1963. In 1979, Ronald shifted the business from a fabrication and machine shop to a manufacturer of combustion recycling equipment. In 1989, Ronald and current ...

Vibratory Grinding Equipment | General Kinematics

Grinding & Shredding. Plastic Granulator & Shredding Services With Plastic Recycling Equipment and Machinery. All of our locations have the full range of recycling equipment. Our grinders range from 15 t o 150 HP, and can handle molder scrap of sprues and runners up to very large molded parts. We can also take care of small to medium size purges.

Leaders In Recycling Systems | Hosokawa Polymer Systems

Recycling Systems ITS - Shredding & Grinding Solutions ITS is a flexible and dynamic Italian owned and operated company specialized in the design and manufacture of shredders, waste crushers, granulators and other machinery for the size or volume reduction.

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Fine Grinding System Solutions Grass Seed Industry O I E W The Solution: Fergus promptly provided the customer with a proposal for a Bulk Bag Unloading System, a Feeding & Blending System for the specific formulation of Urea and Bone Meal, an M-51 Fine Grinder capable of achieving a superior

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Changshu Shouyu Machinery Co. (SOYU Machinery) is a Chinese-Italian joint venture concentrated on the production of high-quality waste processing equipment. Relying on many years of experience in the production of shredders and crushers.

Hemp Shredding Equipment for Hemp Oil Extraction

In the last 50 years, Hosokawa Polymer Systems has continually evolved and improved our systems and equipment to meet the demands of the recycling market. Hosokawa Polymer Systems supplies a wide range of recycling equipment from small Press Side granulators to large, multiple stage recycling plants for film, cable and post-consumer materials.

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shredding systems isve The widest range of shredders, grinders and granulators on the market. Since 1997 ISVE has implemented the development of its own Recycling division, which offers a complete range of systems for grinding and reusing industrial waste .

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We are experts in grinding plastics, rubber bale grinding, shredding of textiles, cardboard shredding, wood pallet grinders, and processing equipment for biofuels resources. We stand behind our products with a Parts and Service department designed to keep your equipment up and running. All Units Proudly Made in the U.S.A Read More About Us